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  • Start to really witness the difference and give back a sense of nourishment to your body with portable alkaline water filters that are designed to act as best-in-class ionizers. Available through the range as both alkaline water filter jugs and bottles.

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  • People across Australia use Eko-Health products each and every day, helping to decrease the levels of acidity in their bodies the easy way.

  • The alkaline filter stick is effective at filtering up to 2,000 litres of water, giving clients approximately 12 months of usage at less than three cents per litre, making it an excellent choice for long-term users.

  • Eko Crystals are great for hot and cold drinks de-acidifying more than four litres of water each while offering you flexibility in how and where you use them.

  • Also available is a range of accessories, appliances and containers helping you to extend and enhance the benefits of the EkoHealth system.

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