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Walking is also included in the program with a simple two and a half minute walking routine which is all outlined week by week in our book Flush the Fat.


The Flush the Fat Full Kit will supply you with alkaline filter sticks to filter and alkalise your water, as well as Eko Crystals sachets containing over 70 trace minerals. This combination of water products gives you better hydration, mineralisation and alkalisation at the cellular level.


The timer and Mind Magic wristband are also an important part of the program and will help you to keep psychologically on track.


We have called the actual program within the book WaWa. WaWa is simply short for water and walking and is the weight loss solution everyone has been looking for.


This Flush the Fat WaWa program will help you to literally flush the fat from your system and stop the vicious downward spiral into more and more weight gain and ill health. By following the basic principles of the program, you will be able to take control of your life, your health and your weight.

“I Flushed the fat…”

Pain Free Living
“I have had Osteoarthritis for 40 years… 2 back

operations… calcification in my feet, hands, neck and back, my hips and spine are fit for a wheelchair… some days the pain is terrible…

Then I started drinking Eko Crystals and I feel better than I have for ten years…

I have more energy and I am sleeping better, plus I have lost 6 kilo’s and I have done nothing different but drink water with Eko Crystals in it…”

Karin Brown

RT, Dip of PC, GRM

This Stuff Is Great

“Eko Crystals is the best

thing that I have come

across to help with



Chronic Fatigue, GORD

and MCS… plus my blood pressure has gone down and weight is starting to drop off with NO significant changes to my diet or exercise.

This stuff is GREAT!

Thank you so much”


Lost 13kg in 3 Months

“I am grossly overweight. In two months I have lost 13kg and went from a size 24 to a 20… I am simply delighted with the




“Using the Flush the Fat kit is a no brainer way to lose weight. I lost 22kgs (48lbs) in 4 months without feeling deprived.” *

Get the Flush the Fat Full Kit and start shrinking today
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Contents: Flush the Fat Full Kit (four month program)
  • Flush The Fat Book

  • Eko Crystals (120 Sachets)

  • 2 x Alkaline Filter Sticks

  • Bottle

  • Litmus Pack (100 tests)

  • Mind Magic Wristband

  • Jug

  • BMI Tape Measure

  • Timer


Flush the Fat was developed to flush the fat from the body easily and quickly…

fat-machine-white (free).png
3 in 1 Fat Reduction Machine + FREE Conduction Gel

EMS + Infrared + Ultrasonic

  • Cellulite removal

  • Slims legs and arms

Removes stretch marks

  • Tightens skin

  • Imports nutrition to skin

Improves blood circulation

  • Relieves body pain

Overweight? Do the Flush the Fat WaWa program…

This program was developed to flush the fat and lose weight easily and simply. Can you drink water and walk for two and a half minutes? If the answer is yes, our Flush the Fat WaWa program is for you!

  • No extreme diets

  • No extreme exercise

  • Easy for anyone at any age

  • Do it at home or at work

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I lose weight?

Acid is stored in the fat cells to protect the organs. As more and more acidic foods are consumed the fat cells enlarge.

How can I get my fat cells to shrink?

You need to reduce acid levels and introduce more alkalinity into your system.

How does the Flush the Fat program do this?

It has a double alkaline approach to your weight loss. You receive 2 alkaline filter sticks and a jug. The jug is used to make alkaline filtered water for you and your family to use. Add this water to your Eko Health drink bottle. This water can also be used for cooking and putting in your kettle for tea and coffee. Add one of your Eko Crystal sachets to your bottle and fill with water from the jug. The sachet will fill your bottle with over 70 trace minerals which contains a high percentage of alkaline minerals. This water will enter your fat cells and neutralise the acid. The program will also encourage you to increase your intake of alkaline foods by making a few small changes to the way you eat.

How often do I drink the water from my bottle?

You drink small amounts often. You drink it all day long!

Why can’t I drink the water all at once?

You want a continuous supply of this amazing water to enter into your fat cells all day long. Fat cells need time to convert their stored acids into safe compounds that can be released into the blood stream. This takes time and water is the medium that will allow this to happen. Slow and sure is the catchphrase! Remember the tortoise and the hare?

What is the Flush the Fat book?

It is a hard cover, full colour book with lots of information on why it is important to reduce acid levels for easy weight loss. It also provides you with information on how high acid levels can make you ill. Your entire program is laid out clearly and slowly for 16 weeks

What does ‘clearly and slowly’ mean?

In week one you simply fill in your information on the charts and drink the water. At the end of week one you record your results. Wow! You will be amazed!

What does two and a half minutes of walking mean?

The program asks you to become more active. In the Flush The Fat book you will read about the latest research which has proven that the longer you sit the shorter you will live. If you are at home or at work, tis program will show you how to get up and move more. No gyms, exercise equipment or high impact training are involved.

How did I get so out of shape?

As we age we get more acidic and tend to become lazy. Don’t be shocked because it happens to most of us. The Flush the Fat WaWa program helps you to reduce your acid levels, gets you more active and make you feel good about yourself.

Weight Loss – Flush The Fat
Can you flush the fat?

Flush the fat! Is it possible to simply flush the fat from your system with very few changes to what you’re already doing? Yes it is and along the way as you flush the fat you’ll not only get rid of fat once and for all, but you’ll also become healthier and happier and, guess what, it’s easy. The Flush the Fat WaWa system is so easy you’ll be amazed at how effortless it is.

The program as outlined in the book Flush the Fat, will show you how to make small changes to habits that may have been ingrained for years. You will also be reminded about what to do and when to do it and you will be given physical and mental reminders to help you on your way.

This book will also give you important information about the benefits of alkalising the body for better health and easy weight loss. It shows that it is the type of water you drink which is important. How much you drink and how often you drink will also contribute to easy weight loss.


Alkaline mineralised water is essential because it helps to flush toxins and acids out of the cells. This water will help to neutralize acids which are mainly stored in fat cells. Once the acids are neutralized the fat cells will release them into the bloodstream to be flushed out of the system through the kidneys, bowels and skin. When the acids are released, the fat cells will shrink, and weight loss will be much easier.

Excess acids and toxins are stored in the fat as a protective mechanism of the body to keep them away from the internal organs. The fat holds on to the acids and this may be one of the reasons many people find it difficult to lose weight. To lose weight more efficiently the acids need to be neutralised and the way to do this is by introducing more alkalinity through alkaline water and a more alkaline way of eating. Once the acids are neutralised the fat cells will release them and shrink as the acids are now neutral salts and can be safely flushed from the body.


There is an alkaline food chart in the book and a complete section of recipes showing how to incorporate alkaline foods into any meal.

Sample of Alkaline Meals from Flush the Fat book

The better way to better health 

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