Eko Alkaline Filter Stick Special

Eko Alkaline Filter Stick Special


2 x Eko Alkaline Filter Sticks

1 x Eko Plastic Jug (BPA Free)

1 x Eko Health Magazine


$9.95 standard postage and

handling through Australia Post

(Australia only)

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    Included is a 1.200ml jug which is BPA free. This can be washed in a dishwasher, but the lid should not go into a dishwasher. The silicone sealer on the lid will warp in a dishwasher.

Also included are two filter sticks. Place both into the jug and rinse 3 times before making up your drinking water.

    These 2 sticks will last 4 to 6 months or longer depending on the quantity of the water used daily. Once the chlorine taste comes back to your water it is time replace the sticks.

    It is recommended that this filtered water be used in a drink bottle with a bag of Eko Crystal to give you greater health benefits.

    The filtered water can be used to cook with and heated for tea, coffee and other hot drinks.

    The water takes on a negative ORP with these filter sticks. A negative ORP acts as a powerful antioxidant which removes free radicals. The stick will remove chlorine plus many other impurities in your water.

    Your sticks will create Ionic micro clustered water. Most water contains 14 to 15 water molecules per cluster. Your filter stick creates much smaller clusters of water. These smaller clusters will allow cells to absorb water much more quickly which means better hydration, detoxification and quicker delivery of nutrients at the cellular level.

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