Eko Alkaline Filter Stick

Eko Alkaline Filter Stick


1 x Eko Alkaline Filter Stick

1 x Eko Litmus (pH saliva test kit, 15pk)

1 x Eko Health Magazine

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    No More Antacid Tablets
    “I have been drinking Eko alkalised water (using your Alkaline Filter Stick) for almost 3 months – around 3 litres a day give or take. And without a doubt, it would have to be one of the most simple, cost effective health regimes I have ever taken up. I have suffered all my life with chronic reflux and heartburn.
    In fact, it was so bad that some days I would eat my way through a whole stick of antacid tablets. And I would have to have them beside my bed, because during the night, the heartburn was so bad it would wake me up! I have literally tried every single over the counter and prescription medication for my chronic condition and nothing helped for any longer than a few hours. And even worse, I would suffer serious side effects from the medication – side effects like severe hives and would often trigger migraines. And that was every single time, and with all the various different medication brands.
    Nothing helped until I started drinking your alkalised water. Within a couple of weeks, my heartburn had subsided dramatically and now, almost 3 months down the track drinking Eko alkalised water, I cannot even remember the last antacid tablet I had to eat to try and quell the chronic heartburn. And that yucky brown haze in the coloured part of my eyes that has been there all my life (if you suffer, you will know the brown haze I am referring to) has almost vanished to nothing and my eyes have finally become their natural colour of a deep blue-green
    (like the ocean). And believe me my eyes have not been this colour since I was a teenager. I only wish I had started drinking Eko alkalised water years ago.
    My poor digestive system has suffered needlessly for decades, but only now is it finally starting to heal. Just goes to show that drinking alkalised water would be the No: 1 most important nutrient for a healthy, vibrant and low acidic body (aside from clean air of course). So, a massive thank you to the Eko founder and team of this simple, cost effective alkalised water filter system. You have won a customer for life.”


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