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Characters from Katy the Magic Kangaroo


Other Endeavors by Anita Wdowiak

Anita first wrote a children’s book in the 1980’s called ‘Katy the Magic Kangaroo’ which she developed into a musical and toured kindergartens and schools. It was also performed at the Royalty and John Edmund Theatres in Adelaide. Anita was invited to bring her play to the USA, and it was performed at elementary schools in the St Claire region of Michigan.

Formerly a teacher, Anita has had a wide and varied career path from teacher to playwright, author, and entrepreneur. She was born in Lancashire, England in 1948 and migrated with her family to South Australia at the age of four. In 2015 Anita met Oprah Winfrey and was inspired to write the book, ‘Queen of TV and Me’.

Anita’s latest creation is the board game Black Jack Joker which was launched at the end of 2021. She created this game while in the Covid-19 lockdown in early 2020. It has taken eighteen months of research and development and is now ready to be enjoyed by families around the world.


The Australian company EkoHealth has been supplying Eko Crystals and other alkaline water filtration systems around Australia for over 14 years.

Director: Anita Wdowiak

Anita is one of the original founders of EkoHealth and has written a health and weight loss book called ‘Flush the Fat’. Formerly a South Australian, she now resides in Cairns and is a firm believer in complimentary medicine in association with traditional medicine.

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