Flush the Fat eBook - Revised Second Edition (in pdf format)

Flush the Fat eBook - Revised Second Edition (in pdf format)


Revised Second Edition - The easy way to weight loss.


This eBook "Flush the Fat" will give you important information about the benefits of alkalising the body for better health and easy weight loss.


The actual program within the book has been called "WaWa". WaWa is simply short for Water and Walking.

Download the eBook (in pdf format) to read on your device.

  • Information

    This eBook will show you that the type of water you drink is important, and how much you drink and how often you drink. All contribute to easy weight loss.

    Walking is included in the program with a simple two and a half minute walking routine.

    The program is all outlined in the "Flush the Fat" book and shows you week by week what to do.

    There is also a whole section of recipes showing how to incorporate alkaline foods into any meal.

    Also included is a detailed section on how acid can contribute to over 200 diseases with information on how acid can cause Arthritis, Gout, Heart Disease, Premature Ageing, Reflux, Kidney and Bladder infections and more, as well as Weight Gain.

    "Flush the Fat" gives you the solution to many health problems and shows how easy it is to lose weight with this program.

    NOTE: This eBook is in pdf format

The better way to better health 

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