Autumn Special

Autumn Special


Eko Crystals (30 sachets)

Eko Litmus (pH saliva test kit, 15 pack)

Eko Alkaline Filter Stick

Eko Health Magazine

"Flush the Fat" book including work book



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    Eko Crystals (30 sachets)

    • Simply place a sachet in your drink bottle and fill with tap, tank or filtered water.
    • Take sips throughout the day.
    • The crystals start to work on reducing your acid levels as soon as you have taken a drink of your water

    Eko Alkaline Filter Stick

    • Simply place your filter stick in your 1.5 to 2 litre jug of drinking water. 

    Eko Litmus saliva pH tests (15 pack)

    • The pH test strips are used for testing your saliva.

    "Flush the Fat" book

    • This book will show you that the type of water you drink, how much you drink and how often you drink is an important contribution to easy weight loss.
    • The program outlined in the "Flush the Fat" book shows you week by week what to do.
    • There is also a whole section of recipes showing how to incorporate alkaline foods into any meal.
    • "Flush the Fat" gives you the solution to many health problems and shows how easy it can be to lose weight. 

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