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Helping people alkalise for over 10 years
Eko Crystals helps to alkalise for better health
  • Alkalises the body

  • Neutralises acid in the body

  • Mineralises the body

  • Revitalises the body

  • Hydrates the body

  • Energises the body

  • Rebalances the body

About Eko Crystals
  • Eko Crystals contains alkaline minerals which act as a body acid neutraliser, therefore allowing the body to rebalance and function better.

  • They is also improve hydration and mineralisation at the cellular level, leading to detoxification.

  • Eko Crystals come in a sachet and work like a tea bag.

  • They release alkaline minerals into your drinking water plus trace minerals essential for optimal body function.

How to use Eko Crystals
  • Drop your Eko Crystals sachet into your bottle filled with water (tap, filtered or from the tank), place the lid on the bottle and shake for 15-20 seconds, then wait 5-10 minutes to allow the minerals to be released into the water before drinking.

  • The sachet is left in the bottle when drinking and refilling your bottle. You take the sachet out after drinking three bottles of water.

  • As you drink throughout the day you will be continually neutralising acid and alkalising the body.

Alkaline Water Filter Sticks
  • Once water is made up with the filter sticks it will take 30 mins to reach an alkaline pH. An alkaline pH creates a negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) which acts as a powerful antioxidant removing free radicals. This helps to increase energy levels.

  • The alkaline water allows for better hydration and detoxification.

Flush the Fat kit
  • The Flush the Fat program will help you provide your body with alkaline minerals.

  • The water that you make up with your kit will help to hydrate the body and neutralise acids

  • Alkaline foods are also recommended and there is a whole section dedicated to a more alkaline way of eating with some great recipes.

  • Once the acids are neutralised fat cells will be metabolised, and then you can literally flush the fat down the toilet.

The better way to better health 

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