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Below are some of most commonly asked questions.
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A water enhancement and purification product that is highly alkaline and contains 74 active ionic minerals. The large content of alkaline minerals allows the body to neutralise acids in the body. When acid levels are brought down the body can rebalance. When this happens, many conditions improve dramatically and in some cases disappear altogether.

Eko Crystals come in a foil resealable bag. Each bag contains 10 sachets which look like tea bags.

Sango Coral.

If you are allergic to sea based products, be aware that Eko Crystals is comprised of highly active coral minerals from the sea which you may be allergic to.

Okinawa Japan. The Okinawans are the longest living people in the world. Their island is made of Sango Coral and their drinking water is highly alkaline.

It simply helps to reduce acid levels in your body. Since it is highly alkaline it hydrates your body better than just normal water and provides major alkaline minerals (calcium and magnesium) plus over 70 other trace minerals essential for proper body metabolism. The body basically heals itself when alkalinity and the correct minerals are supplied. The only way to get rid of acid is by introducing alkalinity to the body. Eko Crystals are an easy way of alkalizing and mineralising the body.

Neutralizes excess acids in your system. When acid levels are reduced your body starts to function better. Many health problems clear up when acid levels are reduced.

Changes the molecular structure of the water to increase hydration at the cellular level.

The water becomes super-charged with an organic mineral complex containing Calcium, Magnesium and 70+ other trace minerals

Each sachet contains billions of antioxidants.

Increased oxygen may lead to better energy levels.

Better hydration, better delivery of nutrients, better detoxification and a neutralisation of acids may lead to increases in energy levels.

Acid reduction allows better functioning of organs which makes you look and feel better. With noticeable improvements in hair, skin and nails.Weight loss is much easier when you introduce alkalinity to the body. Fat cells grow larger in an acid body and shrink in an alkaline body. Eko Crystals may also reduce cravings.

Drop an Eko Crystals sachet (do not open it) into our 700 ml bottle filled with non-carbonated water. Shake for 15 seconds. Allow 5-10 minutes for Eko Crystals to transform your water. Each sachet makes up to 1.5 to 2 litres of water. A 700 ml bottle can be filled up 3 times using the same sachet. Never mix used and new sachets together.

Depending on level of health, age and amount of acid in your system we recommend using 1 to 3 sachets a day. Severe acidosis will require 3 Eko Crystals sachets daily.

Used sachets can be dried out over night and used one more time to drink, then dry them again, open them, and sprinkle them in your garden.

To improve your health and reduce acid levels use Eko Crystals for 3 months and notice the difference. Depending on level of health, age and amount of acid in your system we recommend using 1 to 3 sachets a day.

Men, women and children of any age will benefit from using Eko Crystals. Pregnant women and babies will also benefit. This product is totally natural containing active plant based minerals that the body needs.

Parts Per Million (PPM)

Aluminium 180

Antimony .37

Arsenic .38

Barium 2.29



Bromine .14

Boron .182


Calcium 391,000

Carbon 119,000

Caesium 20

Chlorine 275

Chromium .625

Cobalt .091

Copper 23

Deuterium 150

Dysprosium .18

Erbium 5.19


Fluorine .67

Gadolinium .094

Gallium .692

Germanium .191



Holmium .091

Hydrogen 1100


Iodine 1.22


Iron 510

Lanthanum .323


Lithium .66

Lutetium .078

Magnesium 4,190

Manganese 26.9



Neodymium 1.11






Phosphorus 94.1

Platinum <.03

Potassium 32.5

Praseodymium 2.73



Rubidium .22

Ruthenium .081


Scandium .049


Silicon 1280

Silver .38

Sodium 129

Strontium 295

Sulphur 1780



Thallium 1.24

Thorium .101

Thulium .052

Tin .198


Vanadium .267

Ytterbium .051

Yttrium .461


Zinc 2.51

Titanium 5.88

Terbium .091

Our bottles are BPA free and do not contain hormone altering chemicals that lead to sterility, cancer and hormone disruption. BPA free bottles are not to be placed in dishwasher or microwave.